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Mira Laime
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• 6/30/2016

Some questions about Ecdysis

Hey guys,

I have some open questions about Ecdysis, because I couldn't find enough informations about it on this wiki. (maybe one day someone will create a new category for it. ) ;) 

Ok, let me explain: I have reached Level 650 and could now perform Ecdysis. It is said that one looses all the progress except for Mutations and Gems. My "main worry" is if I will also loose all my gold....

At the moment I have that "Golden Midas Claw Boost" active for 24 hours (still 21 hours left) and I think I will wait until that boost ends and/or until I have reached 4000 queen levels (3801 atm.) which gives me one more DNA when performing Ecdysis. At the moment I am only at 860 meters (I will catch up as soon as the boost ends) to make some money with all my queens which can kill a normal reptile in +/- 2 sec. I let the game earn money by itself, so to say. ;) :) 

Now my main questions are: 

- Does it make sense to wait until the Golden Midas Claw Boost ends, to earn as much gold as possible?

- ...or will I loose all my gold after performing Ecdysis?

- Will I loose all the 17 Queens I have unlocked, or will they only loose their progress?

- Will I loose my Abilities and their levels?

- Does it make sense to buy the Super Ecdysis for 500 pearls which guarantees that one will keep everything? Or should I keep my pearls for the "24h Golden Midas Claw"? 

Many many thanks in advance for your answers. :)

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• 7/1/2016

I had a look at the new Ecdysis section. Good start so far! 

I performed Ecdysis yesterday in the evening (despite the still active 24h Golden Midas Claw), and now I am already at 700m and I have already 14 new queens. At first I was a little afraid to start anew but my 2 mutated crabs (Stalagmite Carapace and Scarlet Carapace) give the game a nice boost. I have a new little question: At the moment I have 6 DNA left (a new mutation would cost me 7 DNA). When I now use that DNA to level up both of my mutations (which costs 2 DNA for each crab) will I loose this progress too, after performimg another Ecdysis? I realize that I will keep all these mutations but what about THEIR progress?

Kind regards. 

• 7/1/2016

hi there,

it's okay, you will keep the mutation progress (level) whenever you perform ecdysis.

if you have some spare spearls, try to unmutate the scarlet carapace and looking for another mutation that more useful such as cerulean carapace, cerulean walkers, solar flare pincers, red devil pincers, red devil walkers, ember tipped carapace, ember tipped pincers, jade tipped carapace, stagalamite set, or viridian pincers.

i'm not recommended you to buy the pearls using real money. instead of that, you can earn the pearls from achievement, butterfly and also daily wildbeast reptile.

kind regards.

• 7/1/2016

Thanks for sorting things out, and for the advice to some more useful mutations! . :)

Yeah, achievements and butterfly give a lot pearls, so that's not my biggest problem! ;) :D

I unmutated the Scarlet Carapace as you told me and after a new reserch I got a new Orchid Blossom Carapace with +120% All Amethyst Dmg and +2% All Amethyst Critical Rate. Not bad - I think I will keep it and level up the Stalagmite Carapce (for more gold! *makes a greedy face* :D ) . 

Regarding the old Scarlet Carapace: I can absorb the loss because that Queen Frenzy ability is not my favorite, closely followed by Smokescreen. In my opinion they both are only useful in combination with other Abilities (or in combination together). The other 3 Abilities are pretty useful.  

• 7/4/2016

hi OnkelOhio,

I found out that "+Critical damage" means to mutiply you critical damage, instead of adding it to the critical damage

I mean, at the past i though that if i have Crit Dmg x23, then i got a mutation that +100% crit damage, my crab Crit Dmg will go to x23 + 100% = x24

Instead of that, recently i found out that it becomes x23 + (x23 * 100%) = x46

it will make the game easier than before

• 7/5/2016


Hm, to be honest I always thought that it would be so.

(Long time ago I learned in school that if you have something and then you will add +100% to that something you will have twice as much of it... ;) :P )

Thanks for the info anyway... :)

(btw. I performed my 4th Ecdysis today and I got 2 new mutations: Verdant Wings Pincer (-5% Shadow Swarm Cooldown) and Jade Tipped Pincer (+30% All Dmg)) :D

• 7/5/2016


I have also learned that in my school, but idk why that i though Crit Dmg x23 means Crit Dmg 2300% so that adding 100% will be 2400%

btw, could you help us to adding the cost of 3rd and 4th mutation at mutations (i just already at the cost section but i forgot how much it cost and will you help us adding for the rest of the mutations in the future? i'll also adding it if whenever i got a new mutation


• 7/6/2016

Of course will I help with adding the costs for mutations #7 and upwards. Yesterday when editing I was not 100% sure about the costs for the 3rd and 4th mutation. As far as I remember one was 6 (...or 9 ?) and one was ~12 (or was it 16? ).

In the end I decided to leave these fields blank instead of writing something wrong... 

Kind regards :) 

• 1/19/2017

Hey All,

I'm a begginer at this game, so sorry if my question is basic.

I've been playing the game for a few days and I passed level 650 (currently at 658). I received 1 dna (in "mutation" tab).

What do I do with that?

Also, in "Crab" tab, the last option is "Ecdysis level 0" and the option to unlock at level 650 is not available.

What do I reach Ecdysis level 1?

• 1/24/2017

Hey there.

With DNA you can research new mutations or you can level up your races/sets in tab "Mutation". The more mutations you research and the more you level up a certain set, the more it costs.

Normally you reach Ecdysis by tapping the Ecdysis button on the right.

• 8/11/2017

I have just one question - does the "Ecdysis Level" have a limit? I mean, is there "the highest Ecdysis Level"? Or the Ecdysis level can be any level, for example level 1742? I ask this question, because I wanna collect all the Crab Evolutions, and I need to collect them again every time I perform Ecdysis.

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