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While most crabs can swim, none can match the speed of Striped Fin in the water, especially down in the murky depth of the ocean.

Type : Emerald[]

Queen Skills:[]

Level Name Effect
5 Sharp Fin +175% Damage
10 Deep Diver +30% All Emerald Damage
25 Swimmer +750% Damage
50 Submerge +15% All Damage
100 Water Crash +20% All Emerald Critical Damage
200 Hydrodynamic +30% Gold Dropped
400 Free Style +45% All Emerald Damage
800 Wave Divider +35% All Damage
1200 Queen Evolution Rebirth and Become More Powerful Than Before!


Striped Fin's Level 25 Queen Skill, Swimmer, is the exact same name of a Garnet evolution.